25. okt. 2002

Dear diary

Back from the sunny islands, brown as a cow. God, mass-tourism is wonderful. The lady sitting behind my seat yesterday on the plane was so drunk she spilled 3 drinks all over herself, simultanously conversating and watching film headphones on, rambling 110db noises too incoherent to decifer. I was glad she didn't start singing. Later on, she spilled some more drinks -- this time in her nabours lap. The couple next to me, mid-fourties pushing twenty, were on a hard five-hour diet of Gordon's Dry Gin & Baileys and tits-fondling. As they say in Germany: Klasse!
Otherwise, Fuerteventura was nice. Main attraction: the roaring Atlantic ocean. Beautiful!

There was a lot of suggestions and comments in the NSOP mailbox. Thanks to everyone! I'll get back to this as soon as I get the time.