28. feb. 2003

New Values
The Copenhagen mayor of buildings and construction, Søren Pind accuses pacifist danes of not realising that some wars are good (he must be referring to the upcoming media-event of the year and the thing that´s going to re-vitalize the sagging U.S economy - The war on Iraq)
That´s right Søren, having your testicles blown of by a landmine in the name of democracy is much better than doing it for some dictator. Burning to death in a tank made in the free world is an honourable way to die, instead of just dying. Waking up at night for the rest of your life having the same nightmares about people without heads and children lit like torches is the accces-card to an ancient and most noble club for the lucky few : Men who have proven themselves in battle.Trying to reach your commanding officer 10 miles away in his command-bunker and explaining to him that he´s shelling his own men is a great way to use that degree in communications and management. Shitting your pants in a foxhole with another guy transferred to your unit 10 minutes ago is an example of the cammeraderie that makes up "the band of brothers".
And by the way, as we all know Arabs breed like rats so I bet quite a few of them are stupid enough to live in the same cities as the arms factories - Hoo-boy does that cluster-bomb spread it´s destruction - sorry about your school there Mrs. Darkskins , you know, from 20.000 feet all buildings are grey, but anyway you should have left your evil dictatorship years ago - don´t you have any rich well-educated friends in the west who could start a campaign to get you out, looser ?!?!? This is "Surgical War" you stupid opressed muslim woman, we do the surgery - you provide the body - and we're trying to help you, goddamnit !