6. mar. 2003

Hey Mickey-2

Saw a programme on TVDanmark2 about Michael Jackson. It was very "tabloid" in nature, focusing on his plastic-surgery (which he flatly denied had ever taken place...). It also tried hard to show proof of a paedophile and child-abusing Michael. Appearently the interviewer - a Brit with the charm and looks of a used-hearse dealer - had the full cooperation of Michael Jackson. A mystery, as this man did his best to make Jackson look like a freak of nature and didn't show any interest at all in Michael Jackson the musician. There is little doubt that Michael Jackson the person has serious personality-problems and might have crossed the border into full-blown Hollywood-style insanity (watching this documentary you start thinking about the movie-classic Sunset Boulevard)
But in one scene he is standing on a terrace (holding a parasol over his head ) and for a few seconds he sings a few notes - it just comes out of him like breathing and it's quite beautiful. The Mozart of our age ? - or a musical robot whose personality was numbed out years ago by an abusive father and General Celebrity Madness.