1. apr. 2003

Tommy Seebach (Mortensen) R.I.P

Danish pop-composer Tommy Seebach died from a heart attack yesterday on his way to a performance.
Several times the Danish entry in the Eurovision Song Contest, Tommy Seebach came to represent the essence of cheesy 80's pop to many. His heyday in the 80's as the king of pop with his charming boyish smile and a string of hits stood in sharp contrast to his later years marked by massive alcohol abuse resulting in heartproblems and a stroke. I saw a glimse of him last year at "Bakken", a fairground north of Copenhagen. Though barely able to walk and with a stressed expression on his face he was on his way to one of "Bakken´s" smaller restaurants to play the old hits which might not be loved by all danes but were familliar to most.

[Posted by Lennard Grahn]