12. jun. 2003

Bollywood dreams

From Dirck Halstead's introduction: "I noticed a girl walking into the surf, fully clothed. She just kept walking, straight ahead into the sunset. Concerned, I swam out to her, just as she began to sink below the surface. This is not a hero story. I was 5"11, she was just over 5 feet, and the surf was an even 5"6. I brought her back to shore. She was crying. I took her to my room, and tried to comfort her. She was broken-hearted. Her father figure, on whom she had a crush was a movie mogul. After promising her the world, he had cast her out from the studio. She was a movie star. Her name was Bambi. She took me down to the theatre district in Bombay, and there she was on posters. She was like Madonna to millions of adoring fans. This was my introduction to the Indian film industry."

The Digital Journalist: Bollywood Dreams - Photographs by Jonathan Torgovnik [via Esthet]