12. jun. 2003

Greetings Earthmen!

I've had a most fortunate luck today! not only have I been sent to Store Sandbækgårdsholmsvejens Kultur-Højskole to study the culture, history, and traditions of this planet, I have also met many new people. But the best is my incredible luck! An earthman-friend has suggested I get therapy and what does you know -- my roomie here at the Danish High school is a Therapist ! Isnt that true Knud?
You know you talk kinda funny, are you Swedish?..err…well, I don' know what's going on here right now..err… but it's true I used to work as a therapist, well I used to do lots’ a things, but, erryou know Im more of aerr, freelance-psilosopher you could say, now. er, at the present time that is, at least…err.
Knud has promised to give me some free therapy if I take his turn at the dishwashing and he also borrowed me some beer crates I can make a bed with, what a "guttermand" as they say here at the high school, but now I must stop my writing and get ready for this evenings film-class: we're studying the narrative structures in contemporary German cinema and will be watching "Schwanzi" Holtzbeins "Schoolgirl Frolics pt.III" - see you again tomorrow.

[Posted by Lennard Grahn]