12. jun. 2003

Greetings earthmen!

I've had a good long talk with my new earthman-friend Lennard, and he says that he's very busy at the moment and can't really help me, but the best way to learn about this planet is to go to the bistandskontor and get a personal counsellor.

Greetings Personal Counsellor!
Hello my name is Annie, sit down please
I am Pzilon, man from...
Yes, I know that from the Police, you see I've already drawn up a plan for you here – how about a nine month stay at a Danish high school?
But I already have several degrees in science, mathematics, and medicine from The School For The Unusually Gifted on my home planet.
You talk funny, are you from Jutland? Anyway, that’s fine with those degrees Pzilon but you can’t just jump into the queue in front of everybody else, you do understand that don’t you? and at a Danish high school you’ll learn about the traditions, history and culture of this country, and that’s what you need right now , agreed? – See you in nine months then

[Posted by Lennard Grahn]