13. jun. 2003

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton"Hillary Clinton has changed the role of First Lady for all time. Like Eleanor Roosevelt, her mentor, she has proved that the First Lady can be more compelling and empathic than the President. The woman is stronger than Queen Elizabeth I of England, a greater strategist than Catherine the Great of Russia, braver than Boadicea or the Amazons of old. And yet the demands of fame in America are such that she has to grovel to the appalling level of reality TV to get our undivided attention. The fault, dear readers, is not in Hillary, but in our ghastly mass media, which only applauds brainy women when we are reduced to tears."

Erica Jong and a line-up of American novelists assess Hillary Clinton's new book Living History in The New York Observer: Hillary's 6000 Crises [via Husain@AULA]