12. jun. 2003

I am Pzilon

I am now on my way to Store Sandbækgårdsholmsvejens Kultur-Højskole where I will learn about the culture, history and traditions of this planet!

Greetings Danish High School! I am Pzilon man from…
Yes, I know that from the Police, I am Jorgen Svind (the headmaster) and I’m very busy at the moment so I’ve arranged for one of the students to show you around the old place:
Hi Pzilon, my name is Mette, let’s get started shall we!
I am Pzilon man....well...
you talk funny, are you from Copenhagen? Well, the rules are quite simple here: no drinking in the dormitories or in the park, only in your room or another students room, If you want to attend classes please inform the teachers a few days in advance so they have time to prepare themselves, please supply a list of the medication you use to Jorgen (the headmaster) within the first week, and remember that Jorgen (the headmaster) advice limiting back talking to no more that two hours per individual per day.
Hubba, Hubba!
Well Jorgen (the headmaster) has managed to make the school part of the new Danish cultural renewal programme called Morning Dew so we’re running a tight ship here now!
Good gully miss Molly!
Er, yes… I will take you to your room now Pzilon, we’ve set you up with Knud, he's a darling person, one of the older students here at the school.

Knud? Hello Knu-uuud!, are you up yet?
Well, I guess he had a rough night, but you can just go and settle in, unpack and all that, see you at dinner five o’clock, right? Bye bye Pzilon.

[Posted by Lennard Grahn]