23. jun. 2003

Prada Tokyo

Tokyo Prada house"The six-story building truly comes alive at night, almost alarmingly so. First there's the glow from within thanks to an ornate lighting system triggered sometime after the store closes in the evening. Then, there's the heartbeat. The architects hired Derivative, a Toronto-based software and special-effects company, to develop a sequence of animations projected onto the tubes "like the heartbeat of a living creature," said Greg Hermanovic, Derivative's president. From the sidewalk the animations, projected onto the white surfaces of the tubes inside, look like writhing blobs giving birth. The sequence runs from one hour before sunset until dawn, pulsing with increased intensity toward midnight. The blobs also have lunar moods, flushing from greenish-orange to icy blue when the moon is full.

The Prada label has come to mean much more than the black-nylon uniform of the unassailably cool: technology, art, sport and the new--new thing are all entwined with the brand as if to say, with a blasé shrug, "It is we who are the moderns." Prada has connected the dots that most people didn't know existed, and in the process the fashion house has arguably become one of the world's great patrons of architecture."

NY Times (reg req'd): Forget the Clothes; Prada's Latest Design Isn't for Sale [via Angermann]

Update: A few more pics from the Prada house. [Thanx Thomas!]