30. jul. 2003


A short round-up of recently browsed mobile related links:

Interesting app for the Sony Ericsson P800 smartphone that activates actions and events based on your location in the GSM network.

"That means, you can create an event to have an alarm at the moment your phone logs in (or out) a selected cell. So you will be able to sleep calmly in your train to work or school - it will wake you up precisely at your station, even if your train is late? You can also set it up to remain you of speed controls! For every such alarm you can select any sound file from your device (also prepared by you). For places like church, theater, hospital etc. you can set a flight mode event which will just switch the phone part of your P800 off as soon as you come there! No more embarrassing rings during performance!"

Psiloc miniGPS for SE P800 [via Blackbeltjones]

Good little article on the camphone situation in S-Korea: Smile, you're on candid camera phone [via Picturephoning]

More camphone stuff from Nerve.com: What Now, Voyeur? Will the cellcam make phone sex even better than the real thing? [via BB]

From the International Herald Tribune, on the subsidie-based economy in the mobile market: There's no such thing as a free phone