17. jul. 2003

Metallica sues Canadian band over E and F chords?

Lars Ulrich & Co are taking stupidity to the next level, suing the Canadian band Unfaith over the "unsanctioned usage of two chords the band has been using since 1982 : E and F."

And here's the final proof that years of continous thrashing in the pan will smoke your braincells:

"People are going to get on our case again for this, but try to see it from our point of view just once," stated Metallica's Lars Ulrich. "We're not saying we own those two chords, individually - that would be ridiculous. We're just saying that in that specific order, people have grown to associate E, F with our music." More on MTV News Scoop This... [via Winther]

OK, it's a hoax, but a well fairly well executed one.