30. aug. 2003


I've set up a miniblog (left right column, below the google) as an addition to the main blog. It's something I have wanted for some time, but hesitated doing. The idea with these links is more or less the same as Cameron Marlow's idea of low threshold links. Often when browsing you run into something that is funny or in some other way worthy of repeted attention, still you might not want to post a regular blog entry about it. This is where the mini-blog comes in handy.

This side-blog thing is spreading, and I've been interesting in the way people use them. What's the criteria for posting something on the "regular" blog vs. the "side blog"? In most cases, I've found it to be much like explained above. People tend to use a main blog to post longer pieces that are either more personal or more in-depth in terms of ideas and reflection, and use the mini-blog to post "quicklinks".

This have made me think about how I usually blog myself. Most entrys found on NSOP (of the ones that I've posted) is the standard summary-and-a-link type of entry. I mostly keep the commentary and personal opinion down to a minimum, and try to let the selection kinda speak for itself. In part, I think the reason for this is my limited language skills. I can write in English, but, lets face it, not with great elegance and personal style. I would find it exhausting having to reflect explicitly (not to say intelligently) on everything I observe that I find interesting. Another reason, of course, is that I like this relative transparency of opinion, focusing on selecting and forwarding stuff that I find interesting in some odd way.

Where was I? Ah, the mini-blog...
The question is, what's the point at all in having a miniblog with "links to interesting stuff", when the regular blog more or less consists of the same thing, only in a slightly more elaborate way? I can't really answer the question better than I already have. I think I'm going to try this double-blogging for while a see what happens.