11. aug. 2003

Plastique c'est beau!

Verner PantonDK has a very weak tradition of heroism in the architectural field. True heroes don't really exist. A brief look at the only exception tells it all: Verner Panton believed in the future. His furniture designs are optimistic and loved all across the world.

Disregarding authenticity, Panton did quite the opposite of his Danish colleagues which was rather extreme for an environment where virtually only functionalism was allowed. He left DK and moved to Switzerland where he could make a good living out of his work. Today he is famous in DK, more or less because of a pathetic retro revival.

Those who go and see the current exhibition at DDC in Copenhagen will know what I mean: Verner Panton, Vision & Play. DDC' s new building clearly shows the contrast between the Scandinavian functionalistic consensus and the experimental nature of VP's work. The local architect who designed the DDC has worked from the typical puritan stance, not to allow the building itself to overshadow the actual exhibitions. Safe, unquestionable and very boring...

Verner Panton on the other hand said: "Better a less succesful experiment than a beautiful triviality!" Can it be expressed any clearer?

[Posted by Hans Larsen]