3. sep. 2003

Ad financed poetry

[via Angermann] Bestseller, the first Danish litterary publication entirely financed by commercials, is out today. Author Peter Dyreborg explains:
"Just like in magazines or papers, the advertisements in Bestseller are placed inside the book. However, they are placed on the inner cover, by the colophon, the contents and wherever there was natural room, but not among the poems. Thus it is avoided that the advertisements disturb the reader along the way.

The income from the advertisements has made it possible to print the book in 3.000 copies, probably the largest first edition ever of a danish collection of poems, and to give all copies away for free. In comparison, danish collections of poems are usually published in first editions of 300 to 500 copies and cost about 20 Euro."

Publishing poetry in Denmark has always been dubious thing money-wise. Danish is a small language, nobody really reads poetry and this has made poetry publishing a defacto subsidies-based enterprise. Financing litterature this way is definitely a novel approach (at least in DK) and this alone will guarantee the advertisers' investments. Whether it's contribution will be other than a momentary expansion of AdSpace, we'll have to see. Get your free copy here.

Peter Dyrberg Moslund (in English): Bestseller